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Meredydd has made a living out of fighting. Pressure from the encroachments of the Normans means that what was once a pleasant, if somewhat harsh, life amongst the bitter feuds of the Welsh princes has become a struggle to survive each and every day. Loyalties are tested when promises of land and gold are offered by the invaders if only a man will betray his lord and throw his support to those who seek to control not only the English domains they invaded a lifetime ago but also the mountains and valleys of Wales.

Fortunately, the death of Henry has given the Welsh a chance to breathe somewhat easier. The prolific sire somehow managed to die without a legitimate heir - only a daughter. In Wales, one of the many bastards would come forth to take his father's place but the English Church forbids such a reasonable solution, leaving the kingdom in turmoil.

Could a man perched along the border ask for a better opportunity to gain the land and riches that are so close at hand?

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The Frenzied Crown

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