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Bela Talbot acquires supernatural objects for rich clients, and also runs scams selling fake charms and running sťances. Bela knows her way around the hunting world, but occupies it in a different way to typical hunters. Bela has some skills in contacting the dead and uses them as an information source.

Bela had made a deal with a crossroads demon when she was 14 to kill her abusive parents. With her ten-year deadline coming to an end, a desperate Bela attempted to get out of her deal by agreeing to work for demons, who used her to steal The Colt and to try to kill Sam Winchester. Her soul is thought to be in Hell.

Bela is 5'8" and, according to Rufus Turner, "skinny." She has shoulder-length light-brown hair and green eyes. She speaks with a posh English accent, although she could effect an American accent. Her taste in clothes favored the feminine, as she often wore dresses, skirts, and/or low-cut tops, along with a jacket or coat (usually leather). She kept a plethora of wigs as well as costumes for occasions when she wanted to disguise herself.

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