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With manors at Bridgnorth, Llanymynech, Oswestry, Brompton, Byton and Tamworth, Daalny's father is a man of substance along the Welsh borders. In order to protect that status, he has followed a time-honored tradition when war breaks out between those vying for a crown; one son fights for King Stephen whilst the second serves the Empress Maud. During this turbulent time, Daalny remains with her aged father to care for the lands that he seeks to maintain. Aware that her marriage will be a powerful bargaining chip, Daalny watches the alternating rise and fall of each faction with great interest.

Daalny has more to fear than just the machinations of the pair contending for England's throne. Situated along the Welsh border, most of her family's manors face a greater danger from those raiders than the armies of Stephen or Maud - especially as most of the fighting men are serving in one of those two armies.

Worst of all, Daalny must keep a close eye on Ysabel, her elder brother's wife. Though it was a profitable marriage, bringing Joscelyn the manors of Harewood and Danby, there is no great love between him and his bride. Daalny fears that while her brother remains at court Ysabel grows too friendly with Ranulf, of the powerful de Braose family. They have long coveted her father's valuable holdings and would gladly make use of Ysabel's unhappiness to subvert his claims to his lands. Treachery and betrayal abound in these perilous times. Daalny will require all of her intelligence and imagination to keep control of her family's heritage.

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