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Riordan is impulsive and stubborn. Most of the time he does as he pleases, no matter what his siblings think of it. His stubborn nature can get in the way of almost anything, often causing familial disputes when he disrupts their plans. He is incredibly sarcastic, and yet one canít deny the great charm he carries about him with his honeyed words.

The centuries have taught Riordan one thing; family is all that matters. He firmly believes that he is strongest with his siblings, whose loyalties he could rely on in the end. While there have been times when his impulses has strained familial relationships, and other times when he has left to follow his own pursuits, he always returns and makes peace with his siblings.

There have been very few times when he has put his trust in someone outside of his family, especially where it concerns humans. After all, they grow old and die and he doesnít. Yet he is never truly unkind, and people often find themselves charmed at his words, even as he speaks sarcastically.

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