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Aedan is a calm and collected man, but is also hardened by centuries of existence. He is the most serious of his siblings, however, he is sarcastic by nature. Almost everything he does is for his family and he rarely seeks his own amusement. He supports science and technological advances, and has donated money to certain organizations as well as historical societies.

Aedan is the eldest of the Nine McCray siblings, the first of the Immortalis-Vampyre Hybrids. As the eldest, he sees it as his duty to make sure that his family remains intact. He often acts as a mediator during disputes, and has asserted his authority when things get out of hand. He listens to each of his siblings equally and he tries not to show favoritism over any one sibling, but he is especially fond of Rowena, the optimist of the family.

He keeps much of his life history a secret from people, except to his family, in case it would be used against him or his family. He can open up under the right circumstances, but only a few number of people have managed to get anything out of him.

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A nostalgic look into the past. Great Post!
Dec 21, 2014 02:34 pm

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