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Karla�s maternal grandfather, Leroy, was a powerful businessman, who controlled much of the world�s media, and through other pursuits and a large inheritance, he gained a great deal of wealth. His wealth passed to his only surviving child, Nina, Karla�s mother. Nina�s brothers had died in a train accident, and despite her father�s wishes, she joined the little-known agency International Strategic Investigative Service, otherwise known as ISIS. Nina proved a skilled agent during training, and while still at the Academy, she met her future husband Stephen.

Both Stephen and Nina quickly became the top agents, were regarded highly by the director, and became legends in their own right. They were the close friends of future Director Carson, who would become Karla�s godfather. In the rare instances where her parents would be in another country, or even in deep cover, she would be raised by her grandfather.

When she was seventeen her parents were killed while on assignment, and she completely entered her grandfather�s care. She was always aware that she was watched by her godfather, who was determined to keep her safe. From a young age she had known that she wanted to follow in her parent�s footsteps as agents, but knowing their status as well as her godfather�s position, she was eager to keep her relations a secret. While still under the guardianship of her grandfather, she chose to adopt his surname - Larsen.

She soon realized that she didn�t want to be a full agent and wanted to instead focus on the scientific side. Before joining the Academy, she studied astrophysics and biochemistry. At the Academy she proved that she was indeed her parents� daughter, and she became a great field agent. From time to time, she ventures into the field, but she often prefers her quiet lab and the company of fellow scientists.

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