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Sister to Cianán of Cowal, righ of the cenel nComgaill, Dairine prides herself on her family's wealth and position. Descended from the first of the Scotti to cross the sea and conquer new lands in the north of Britain, she watches the influx of warriors who have come to stake their own claim to part of Dalriada and the lands of the Cruithne with a mild disdain for those who waited so late to pursue such ambitions. The wealth and the glory of the conquest should go to those who braved those first years when the danger was greatest - not those who came with the dreams of easy plunder when the worst of the fighting was done.

Unfortunately, the promise of treasure has lured many who fail to understand their place in the new kingdom. Men who are new to Dalriada's shores seek rank and power over those who were bold enough to risk all in the first wave of invasion.

One of these is Ainmire mac Ardal, tanist of the cenel nComgaill. Not prepared to wait his time, he seeks to undermine Cianán's place as the clan's leader! Ruthless and determined, he has managed to win influence with Aeden, Ard Righ of Dalriada, at the expense of Dairine's brother. Without venturing his person in pitched battle in support of the Ard Righ, he has still somehow managed to secure command of the fortress at Tarbert - one of the most powerful strongholds in the kingdom, second only to Dunadd in importance.

This sign of marked favor alerted Cianán and his sister to the imminent danger Ainmire poses. To their advantage, they are not alone in their mistrust of him. Seizing as much power as he can, Fionnlagh - leader of the Mac an Rothaich - is not prepared to yield any advantage to a man whose own ambitions might clash with his own. With a common foe, Cianán has sought the war leader's assistance in bringing about Ainmire's downfall - using Dairine as a link between them. Eager to help her brother, Dairine will do everything in her power to rid Cianán of his enemy!

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