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Clementine is a strong-willed woman who will not hesitate to use her gun, but she can be known to help with healing those she shot, granted that it�s necessary. She has become known as Red Rose Harrow because of her long, noticeable red hair and the drawings of red roses which serve as her calling card.
Hooch and Hell:
A thief by trade, Clementine only takes from the wealthy. She gives herself a righteous tone by sharing her findings with the poor. She fashions herself as a female Robin Hood, and while her motives are genuine, she lacks in the reasons behind her choices. And she will not easily answer about how thieving became her pastime, no matter who is asking.

But necessity forced her to give up the thieving life and join with an unlikely group.

Shadow Over Harworth:
Coming very, very soon! I need to figure out a few things first.

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Shadow Over Harworth
Zone : Fantasy
North and South

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Wild West

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Clementine Harrow: When Red Roses Fall

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The Mystic Council

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Lucy Bartlett
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