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In the When the Dead Come Knocking Novel:

16 years wise. Well, at least 'tll them Dead came knockin'. And they weren't no Grateful -- no sir-ree. All teeth, no brains, would be okay but there were a damn lot of them.

I'm running with my main man, Ramon Lopez. He being two years younger than me, but bright anyways. He's got this dojo he go practice at. So, we cross that bridge, even if we can't burn it, and we join up with his Dojo master and the wife.

Dunno what happens from here on out. Stay tuned, brothers!

In the Back to Front Novel:

18 years old for this one. (I don't think no restaurant would hire no 16 year old for cookin'.) I'm a new line cook, and I'm gearin' up for cookin' nostrils to snout, as I think they say. Not sure where or what the snout is, but my knives are sharp, and I been practicing on my family for years. Mama hates my cooking -- it ain't from Honduras, baby -- but Carla's my number one fan. Papa thinks I'm making big mistake -- drugs make money, not chop-chop.

But nothin' else matters but somethin' good in the tummy.

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