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Alessandra is the illegitimate granddaughter of the Viscount of Soule. Her mother passed away when she was barely seven years old. Her mother was the Viscount's only child - one that made a terrible mistake. Francisca de Soule was betrothed when she revealed that she was with child. She refused to name the child's father, her betrothal was ended as was the Viscount's bid to ensure that Soule passed on to his daughter's children. He could have been angry and bitter, but Alessandra's grandfather was neither. She was raised in a loving home, sheltered for most of her life. The Viscounty of Soule, after years of English rule, now belongs to the Kingdom of France. The Viscount is the French King's ambassador to Navarre.

Soule is located in the northern basin of the western Pyrenees, and is the smallest of the Basque region. It is surrounded by Lower Navarre on the west, Navarre on the south, Béarn on the east and north. Soule, over time, was both in English and French hands. The lords of Soule tradionally had fourteen captains; from them only one was English, the rest were either natives or Gascons. The ex-viscount Auger III allied with the Kingdom of Navarre, and taking advantage of the war between Philip IV, king of Navarre, and Edward I of England, retakes his fortress at Mauléon in 1295, but he is forced to hand it back after Aquitaine is formally declared English is 1303. The Hundred Years' War kept Soule isolated from the exterior for many years. Finally, in 1449, an army led by Gaston IV, the Count of Foix and Viscount of Béarn, took possession of the castle in the name of the French king.

In the mid 15th century, Soule finally recognizes the King of France as his own, with the Basque district becoming the smallest province and exclave of the kingdom and the most distant from the centre of power, Paris. It came to be surrounded by the sovereign Kingdom of Navarre on the south and west and the independent principality of Viscounty of Béarn on the east.

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I love the riddles and hints in it
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