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Welcome dear friend! I am Amala a daughter of Imladris exiled with the man I loved after getting involved in a conflict were ordered to stay away from that nearly cost Lord Elrond his life. Along with Aramar I was exiled to the Mirkwood but came to Lothlorien. There, Aramar created a new life for himself that he was comfortable with. Meanwhile, I was lost and miserable. For I longed to return to Imladris once more. Receiving the summons to return...I was thrilled but afraid. Until Aramar decided of his own accord to remain behind. Traveling with a party going to Imladris to attend the wedding of Lord Elrond and Lady Herewood, I was ordered to seperate and travel the rest of the way alone. I know not what lies in store for me...

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The One Ring

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The One Ring

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