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"Rugged" is the nice way to put it. Unshaven, his hair usually more than few days past due for a cut, and almost always disheveled, his clothes tend to be worn, patched, and focused on the functional rather than the stylish. In other word, Doc Preston tends to be more focused on the quality of his work than cleaning up nice and proper for folks; unfortunately "bedside manner" doesn't seem to be integral to the man's definition of a job well done. Said to be about as abrasive as his looks, his personality has been described as "a little rough around the edges." Given his usual response to a request for anesthetic is "sure, if you're a sissy," that may be unduly charitable.

Strangely enough he tends to be spoken of quiet well by the local residents in and around his clinic, sort of mean bulldog with a heart of gold. His skills outclass the living earned from the backwater clinic he runs and they say he doesn't turn anyone away, even those that can't pay; so he can' be all that bad....right? Then again you don't run a clinic on a wing and a prayer; it costs coin. If you aren't getting it from the patients you're getting it from somewhere else; and cutting corners with what you can barter and scrounge only goes so far. So decent folk all come in the front, but if you've got patching up that you need done, no questions asked; you come in through the back; and that costs you a premium.

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Great introduction of your character!
Apr 16, 2014 11:03 am

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