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Gil-galad, born as Ereinion, was a �oldorin elf, son of Fingon, and last High King of the �oldor in Middle-earth and bore many titles, including, High King of the Elves of the West, King of the Eldar, King of Lindon, Lord of the High Elves, Lord of Eriador, and the Head of the White Council of the Second Age.

Gil-galad held the highest authority among the Elves and he ruled and was respected by both the Noldor and the Sindar. He was considered the High King of the Elves in Middle Earth. He formed the Last Alliance of Elves and Men with Elendil, and he led the Elves, who were undivided, to war against Sauron during this time. His death marked the end of the �oldor in Middle-earth.

Gil-galad was probably born in the late fifth century of the First Age and was still young during the times of the battles of the Dagor Bragollach (Battle of Sudden Flame) and Nirnaeth Arnoediad (Battle of Unnumbered Tears). Fingon was lost in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, but the crown passed to Gil-galad's uncle Turgon in Gondolin, rather than Gil-galad himself (presumably because of his youth at that time). When Gondolin was lost, Gil-galad received the Kingship of the �oldor; he dwelt with the exiles of the city at the Mouths of Sirion during the remainder of the First Age.

n year 1 of the Second Age, Gil-galad remained in Middle-earth and established Lindon, which was strong and secure against its enemies. At its height, his realm extended eastward as far as the Misty Mountains and the western parts of Greenwood the Great, though most of the Eldar remained in Lindon and in Elrond's refuge of Rivendell.

Gil-galad had alliances with the Men of Westernesse, especially with The Faithful and Elendili. With Elendil he formed the Alliance of Elves and Men, which was so powerful as to be compared to the army which destroyed Melkor at the end of the First Age. He reigned as High King of the �oldor throughout the Second Age. During this time Gil-galad was given the seeds of mellyrn, or mallorn, trees by Tar-Aldarion, who was, during this time, High King of Numenor. But the seeds wouldn't grow in his land so he gave them to Galadriel before she left Lindon. She carried these seeds for a long time, finally planting them in Lind�rinand. When they grew in the land, it was renamed Lothlorien, Lorien of Blossom. Later on, Gil-galad was entrusted by Celebrimbor with the rings Vilya (Ring of Air) and Narya (Ring of Fire), two of the Three Rings, which he passed on to his herald Elrond and his lieutenant Cirdan prior to his demise at the Siege of Barad-d�r

With the emergence of Sauron, Gil-galad joined forces with the D�nedain King Elendil to defeat the forces spreading from Mordor. Their large and well-trained combined forces engaged Sauron's armies multiple times in the conflict known as the War of the Last Alliance. Gil-galad's famed weapon was a spear known as Aeglos; none could stand against it. Finally, at the end of the war, the elves and Men marched on Mordor itself and laid siege to Barad-d�r, where Gil-galad was destroyed at the hands of Sauron. He fought bravely against the Dark Lord, but Sauron picked the High King up into the air and threw him against the rocky plateau of Mount Doom, breaking his body,{Citation needed} and so Gil-galad passed on to the Halls of Mandos. He was not known to have a wife, nor any children, so the kingship of the �oldor ended in Middle-earth and C�rdan was from then on the Lord of the Grey Havens and Lindon
"The character of Gil Galad, as portrayed in the novels by JRR Tolkien and in the Peter Jackson movie, "Lord of the Rings", remains the property of the Tolkien heirs and of New Line Cinema. Fan fiction written under this character is not intended to infringe upon any of the above copyright holders or their affiliates.." Avatar and home images adapted from the Peter Jackson movie, Lord of the RIngs

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