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Within The Paranormal Collective novel...

Name: Alexis Warwick
Age: 125, yet appears 30
Type: Ethereal; Sylph (air spirit)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 132 pounds
Build: Full figured, hourglass
Hair: Long, red
Eyes: Gray
Skin: Caucasian
Languages: English

Personality: Despite having a complicated and at times, an abusive upbringing, Alexis is a kind and gentle person, usually always having a smile on her face that easily touches her eyes and a kind word on her lips. Calm and clever in every situation and ever the confident one in any group, she has never lost a bet she has ever made, which has worked to her advantage time and time again. Often of an agreeable temperament that borders closely to being charismatic, others find her to be a refreshing personality.

Alexis can also be a fierce opponent when she disagrees with another person, often holding fast to her position and agreeing to agree that the other person is wrong. Adaptable in all situations, rarely does she ever find circumstances outside of her ability to easily manage. She has also been known to speak to complete strangers and at times purchases meals for those living on the streets.

When she laughs, she laughs with her whole heart, and when she cries, one had best beware as her anger may soon follow. She hates senseless violence and brutality as she has seen more then her fair share of it over the years. Strange then that she is the Collectives chief and most efficient Hunter.

In years past, she has been a nurse and then continued with her studies to become a doctor, thus she cares for her fellow beings. She participated in WWII and was a nurse on the ground at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Today, she can often be found volunteering at the local dog and cat shelters when she isn’t otherwise engaged in Collective business. Very cleaver, she can often outwit another with half her brain tied behind her back.

Born in west Texas in 1866, when she was five, her father moved the entire family to a cattle ranch in Montana.

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