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Full Name: Sarah Abigail Grayson Hennessey

Age: 63

Birthdate: May 9, 2336

Birthplace: Heath, Texas, Earth

Eye Color: grey with a green tint

Hair Color: blonde

Build/Body type: average/fit

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: a lady never tells


Parents: Marcus Spencer Grayson (2310) and Katherine Amanda Arthur (2313)

Husband: Charles Harrison "C.H." Hennessey (2335); divorced (2385)

Sons: Charles Harrison Hennessey II (2360-2385); drowning


Sarah Abigail Grayson was born in Heath Texas, a suburb, ENE of the Dallas-Fort Worth sprawling metropolis. Her father, Marcus Grayson was Owner and CEO of Grayson Architect & Design. Her mother, Katherine was an Independent Consultant and Financial Advisor.

Both parents pushed Abigail towards excellence, regardless of what path she chose. Abigail was an only child, but parental spoilage was not in her future. She had a very happy childhood. Like any kid, she wanted to be something different every week. Her choice of careers ranged from teacher to ballerina to financial advisor like her mother and even architect like her father. She read everything in sight about them and any other career she thought about at the time. But, it took a trip one day to the pediatrician to set her on the path she's lived for the past 40 years.

Abigail met Charles C.H. Hennessey in high school in 2351. They quickly became sweethearts after their first couple of dates. C.H.'s father was Franklin Andrew Hennessey of Hennessey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Distribution. His mother, Dorothy Marie Abrahams, was a pharmaceutical researcher. C.H. starts working in the business at the bottom while still in high school, learning the business from the ground up.

Abigail finished high school, in the top one percent of her class and goes directly into medical school, having completed her premed coursework during her last two year of high school and taking summer courses. This was in 2353. In 2354, she and C.H. married during her fall break on October 21. While she and C.H. began building their lives together, Abigail went through medical school non-stop. She finished in May 2359 and at the behest of her husband and finding an internship opening in the prenatal ward at the Europa City Medical Complex on Deneb and being accepted into their internship program, they uprooted their lives in Texas and move to Deneb. C.H. opened the Denebian office of Hennessey Pharmaceuticals.

C.H. and Abigail became parents in August 2360 when she gave birth to their only child, Charles Harrison Hennessey II.

Over the next two decades, C.H. built up the Denebian branch of his father's company. Abigail moved on from working in the hospital setting to opening her own private practice as a Pediatrician. As they both built their careers and raised their son, Charlie, they began to grow apart as a couple. Tragedy sealed the fate of the couple. In the spring of 2385, their son and a couple of his friends, went camping. They were to be gone the weekend. They never returned. Search parties were sent out to where the boys, all in their early to mid-twenties, were supposed to be camped along the Schorin River. Remnants of their camp were found for miles along the river. A week later, their bodies were recovered, caught up in layers of debris. It was determined they had been caught off guard while they slept by a flood caused by the spring melt. All three drowned.

Two months after the loss of their son, C.H. filed for divorce. They were already living apart, so the divorce was a quick one. C.H. sold his interest in the Denebian business and moved back to Earth where he remains to this day. He's never returned to Deneb.

Abigail continued growing her practice. In late 2392, she reconnected with a patient now grown about to be a mother herself, Lyndsey Knapp. She welcomes a new patient to her practice, Joshua Quincy Knapp. Through this, Abigail becomes reacquainted with Lyndsey's father, Terrance.

Over the next seven years, she and Terrance developed a close, personal relationship which has blossomed since he returned to Deneb on a permanent basis four years ago.

January 12, 2400, Terrance proposed marriage and Abigail accepted. No date has been set.

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