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Yvette is a distant woman, seemingly cold, calm and always serious. Many think it’s a result of her extensive training at the Academy and elsewhere, but it is really something she learned as a child. Her mother was a cold, bitter person who couldn’t stand when she or her sisters were happy, and often blamed them for her excessive drinking. It became almost necessary to wear the mask. But beneath it lies a kind-hearted woman with a generous sense of humor, a side to her that is only known to a few.

As a result of her childhood, Yvette became a gifted liar. She is able to convince the most skeptical person of almost anything, and is able to adopt any characteristics necessary to convince them. She is a great agent in her own right, having excellent in-the-field skills and knows enough science to get by in the agency’s laboratories. She is a sharpshooter and gifted martial artist among other things. Because of her skills, she is regarded as one of the top agents of her day.

With the highest recommendation from Director Carson, Yvette was selected to be injected.
As the daughter of a single parent Yvette never knew her father, though she has some speculation as to who he is. She has a cold and bitter relationship with her mother, an alcoholic and gambling addict. It was clear that Jenna cared little for her daughters, despite showing some slight favoritism over the youngest, and as the oldest Yvette became a surrogate mother to her sisters.

While still in high school, she was recruited by Director Carson to start training. He trained her himself, having recognize the agency’s future in her.

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