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Blacklick Manor is a sugar-cane plantation in northwestern Jamaica and home to Lord Colin Blacklick and his sons Charles, Andrew , William (Turner) and Adam.

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Andrew is the second son of Lord Colin Blacklick. He is brother of William Turner and Charles and Adam Blacklick. Andrew is of average intelligence, Friendly and a bit of an odd-ball. Breezing through life without taking it seriously, Andrew has no problem with depending on the family resources. Afterall, he is a Blacklick and entitled to it.

Andrew is accustomed to a life of privilege but can easily slide in and out of any class due to his role of Captain of the Blacklick shipping vessel The Veronica Lee. He tends to prefer a lower class persona, to avoid unwanted expectations and the freedom to behave as he pleases. Andrew's friendly and easy going personality, adaptability and fanatical loyalty to his family are his strengths and Wine, Women and Song his weakness.

Friendly and very likable. Adam, the youngest Blacklick brother, can be stubborn and manipulating when he needs to be. He's learned through experience to put on a strong, stoic face and pretend all is well. . However, he hurts easily and prone to bursts of emotion.

Adam grew up shuttling between the family's sugar plantation in Jamaica and England with his parents and 3 brothers; Charles, Andrew & William. Critically injured in a childhood accident in the sugar house on the Jamacian plantation, Adam was left with physical disabilities and scaring from burns over his face and body. Adam's recovery was contributed to the intervention of his "God-father/guardian" TeGene, a Voudun hougnan and close personal friend of Lord Colin Blacklick.
After a disasterous attempt at normal schooling, Colin Blacklick hired the best tutors in Jamaica and England to teach him at home. Adam has the gift of second sight which manifests through his dreams. He can interact in his dreams in past, present and future events as well as make contact with the dead through them.

Adam is an excellent business man and has become the accountant/Law guru for the family businesses. It is said of him that any business the youngest Blacklick brother touches turns to gold.

Charles is the first son of Lord Colin Blacklick. Brother to Adam & Andrew Blacklick and William Turner. Like his brother Andrew, Charles was educated in the best boarding schools in England. He was expelled from 3 in one year for violence against other students while defending multi-handicapped brother Adam. Charles feels responsible for the accident that left Adam scarred and a cripple.

Because of his father's position on the Court of Directors of the East India Trading Company (The Company), Charles owns a major percentage of the Blacklick companies.
His intelligence and business savvy are among his strengths.. He' s physically strong and is a good swordsman and better marksman. Although a cold and manipulative man he adores children and is said to be father to 98% of the slave children on the Blacklick's Montego Bay plantation.

Charles' weakneses are his greed and his ego. Adam is Charles' Achilles heel, although still arrogant and superior to his youngest brother, Charles will do most anything for him

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