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Name: Ezra
Age: 9-months-old
Gender: Male
In The World of Nia, Ezra, the first automaton prototype created by Gideon Valisdair, lives to attend to his creators needs and to perform tasks that his master wouldn't normally do. Not even a year old, Ezra has the innocence like that of a child and is fascinated with every little thing.

Much to his creator's dislike, Ezra regards Gideon as a father and constantly bombards him with questions (whenever Gideon allows). His appearance is remarkably similar to that of humans and is very well built, despite the fact that he leaks oil, squeaks and twitches on occasion. Not to mention the need to wind himself every hour. There is even a constant ticking that always emits from him.

Slightly short and lank, Ezra stands at approximately 5'6". His jet-black hair is neatly combed, which contrasts with his ashen skin. There is no color in his eyes, giving viewers a feel that they're staring into an endless abyss.

He's always dressed very well with pinstriped pants, long sleeved dress-shirt and a black vest.

Beneath his gloomy appearance rests a kindred spirit... A bit naive and something of a perfectionist, Ezra likes to keep things in a certain order. Very soft spoken 99% of the time, it is extremely rare of him raise his voice for any reason.

Though he keeps to himself, Ezra is always eager for a little adventure and longs to see the world beyond the walls of his home. He is not fond of violence and will never raise his hand to anyone or anything and is always willing to help those in need (which gets him into trouble on occasion)

He also has a very unusual attraction to the sound of bells and adores music.

Likes to spend time with Gideon whenever he can. Is rarely seen without his best (and only) friend, Teisel (who can be found on his person at all times... being that Teisel is a small gnimp)
When out on an errand, if he finds something out of place he must take care of it (like if there was a smudge on a window, or a single rock in the middle of the street).
He likes things very clean.

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