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Name: Gideon Valisdair (True name: Nyro)
Age: 32 (True age: 1185)
Height: 5'11 1/2"
Hair/Eye Color: Auburn/Bright teal
Race: Human (True race: Fallen Aeryal)

A renown genius/inventor who resides in the industrial city of Dulin (doo-linn) Rumor has it that he created the very first elixir of life and that he is over two hundred years old.

People also believe that he had a part in bringing the current technology to Lutilian. Though these are merely rumors, they also have a ring of truth to them.

Gideon is also the very first person to successfully create a magic infused clockwork automaton (which he has named Ezra) which has somehow developed a sense of self awareness and the ability to make its own decisions.

After the great war between Niatissa and Kayos over one-thousand years ago, Gideon was incarcerated within the very world he despised. Nine-hundred years later he managed to break free of his imprisonment and fled to Lutilian, where he hid himself among humans.

He resents humans for their stupidity, inability, and general uselessness. However, he slowly became fond of humans for these very same flaws (though he fails to see this fact)

He does not suffer ignorance or insolence lightly and prefers to take the lead on all situations.

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