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Full Name: Telawna Halcthan-Tísurien
Occupation: Independent gem hunter
Birthdate: July 16, 2630
Birthplace: Budryton, South Continent, ACB II
Age: 69
Race: Caucasian
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Auburn
Skin Tone: Spacerís Tan
Scars/Distinguishing Marks: One or two
Build/Body Type: Slim and fit
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 160


Father: Harriman Halcthan (2580-)
Mother: Elizabeth McRaven (2590-)
Brothers: Harriman II (2615-); Mark (2617-); Terrick (2626-); Jahn (2650-)
Sisters: Lainey (2619-); Jessie (2628-); Evie (2635-); Lara (2640-)
Nephews: Darrien Tísurien (2635-); Efrem Veriden (2660-); others via her sibs
Nieces: Elana Veriden (2660-); others via her sibs
Husband: Kenthan Tísurien (2625-), independent gem hunter
Son: Madoc Tísurien, independent gem hunter, Captain of the Space Hawk


The Halcthans are farmers. They came to ACB II and settled in the agricultural zone of the Southern Continent. The nearest village to the acres they took up is Budryton. With eight siblings to help run the family farm, Telawna felt secure in leaving them to it and following her heart into space. She married Kenthan Tísurien and set about learning the indie lifestyle and becoming a gem hunter.

She and Kenthan have had one son, Madoc, who is pursuing the Tísurien family business in his own ship, the Space Hawk.

Their life together has been eventful and happy, and is about to enter a new phase.

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