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Dorian is a man of many talents and a gentlemen of considerable importance. He is a very well spoken man due to his erudite education in the classics as well as a trained marksmen in the pistol, not so bad with a rifle and is also a master of the sword, lethally so.

When he was of the proper age he further pursued the scholarly arts at Kings College before joining the Royal Navy. There, it wasn't long before he stood out; a young officer hungry for promotion. Yet always he had a care to go the extra mile in seeing to the needs of what he considered to be his men, even if it wasn't his ship. Furthermore, he distinguished himself in battle when the captain was felled by fire of flintlock, he took command of H.R.M. Enterpize and commanded her men to victory at the Battle of Dover.

A statesmen of the highest caliber, Dorian observes impeccable civility and decorum at all times, traits that have served him well over the years, traits that have been called upon from time to time. And if he does have a flaw, it is in the fact that he once believed in the altruism of men. However, time and circumstance have proved to him time and time again that this belief, this faith, was a fallacy.

Kind, almost to a fault, this kindness hides a more practical astuteness and study & behavior of the animal known as, man. As such, Dorian has long known there are no monsters in the world; not the kind written about in books or in the form of stories meant to frighten children. Yet rather, real monsters, the kind he has seen with his own eyes - men and sometimes woman who know not civility or any ethical behavior � are all too real.

Embracing the Church and all of its customs, rituals and observances, Dorian is sure to attend Church regularly and as such, is seen as a model of polite society. At least this is what he wishes for others to see in him, publicly. Privately, Dorian is a much more realistic and practical man and a founding member of Le Ordo De Lapsa Angelos... The Order of Fallen Angels.

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