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The Legacy of Pirate Queen

Morgan Adams

uring the Year of Our Lord, Sixteen Hundred Nineteen, the cargo ship Santa Susanna was overtaken by the pirate vessel Sea Devil, out of Ocracoke. In the hold, the pirates found the richest cargo ever to leave the Americas, four million pounds of Spanish plunder. The Sea Devil tried to set course for Tortuga to split the haul, but a raging storm hit her and she wrecked on an uncharted island, Jakal. There, in a secret location, the men buried the treasure. Wild and treacherous, the island took the 200 souls of the Sea Devil, one by one. A single crewman, Wretched O'Riley survived to build a raft and make his escape.


Years later, on his deathbed, old Wretched made a map, tore it into three pieces and sent one to each of his three sons: Mordachai Fingers, Rickets O'Riley and Black Harry Adams. All born of different mothers, they've hated and mistrusted each other from birth. Now, Morgan Adams, Black Harry's only daughter must sieze the map from her three uncles and claim the treasure for her own. Fate would have it that a fourth brother, perhaps the greatest pirate of them all, stalks the treasure as well. Dawg Brown, harvester of souls and Spanish gold will stop at nothing to challenge Morgan's claim to the riches that have become her legacy.


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This Award was gratefully received January 8th, 2002




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