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Finnian's father was righ - as was his elder brother. He trained , fought, and struggled to earn the respect of the clan so the too might claim that title. Yet the devastation of the clan's lands by the mighty Niall destroyed the Mac an Rothaich strength in Eire, leading them to scatter in numerous directions before regrouping at Dunadd in Dalriada. Finnian traveled afar with a group of stalwart warriors... selling their prowess to those who could afford it until he heard of the accomplishments of his nephew, Fionnlagh.

Learning that the boy had not only brought together many of the clan's best warriors but succeeded in gaining a powerful base from which Mac an Rothaich influence spread, Finnian chose to bring his warband to join in the battle against those who would try to suppress their growing power.

Though he has achieved fame as one of the clan's fiercest chieftains, Finnian missed his opportunity to lead the Mac an Rothaich. Now he serves his brother's son... but his burning ambition means that he still envies the new righ!

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