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When we meet Mark Clemens, he is a 40-year-old divorcée (his wife left him when she admitted to herself that she was transgender) who has just lost his career as a high-school teacher over (false) allegations of sexual misconduct with a student. A friend suggests that he check out Providence Placement Services. The rest is history. Or is it mythology?
Mark's first assignment with Olympus is to work for Eros, the God of Love (whatever you do, don't call him Cupid. He hates that). Under Eros, Mark is tasked with ending toxic relationships through the use of lead "arrows" (suction-cup darts) and to inspire fated love with golden ones. He is given a very cozy office, which comes complete with an Eros-appointed temple prostitute named Bridget. Being intimate with Bridget is uncomfortable for Mark; she's the first woman he's been with since his ex-wife. Ultimately, this discomfort leads Mark to ask to be transferred from Eros's department.
After working for Eros, the Muses decided to transfer Mark to work for Athena. Being a man, he was assigned to Tiresias rather than Medusa. On the recommendation of his friend Elwood (en amployee of Hestia), Mark challenges Tiresias to a roll of the dice to keep his vision, as most of the Tiresi are blind. As a result of this roll, whenever Mark is on the clock, he is magically transformed into Marcia, gaining a female perspective on life by literally walking in a woman's shoes.

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