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My story is one of love and loss, hope and sadness. I've lived far longer than that have been in my life. I am a living testament that a broken heart will heal, a soul will once again be complete and life will indeed go on.

My beloved Lex, I will not forget him, I could not forget him. He was my first in so many ways, to him, I owe my very existence. Without him, I would not have seen the marvels of the centuries that have passed since he came into my life. Though he is gone, his blood still fills my veins and strengthens me. I live so that his memory can survive.

My chylde, Laura, has become as important to me as Lex. She is life, she is a vibrant layer to my somber existence. I would kill for her, I would give my life for her, and I do not deserve her but I will not give her up.

Union, werewolf and force of nature. He and I had a thing...wild and untamed. The sex was wonderful, the sex was violent and I loved every moment of it. Do I miss him in my bed? It would depend on the day.

What others will cross my path as I continue on this course of my life? That is a story yet to unfold.

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