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Fate has generally been kind to Gweirfyl. Blessed with a young son, Llewellyn, and two beautiful daughters, she has a comfortable life. The lands that she hold in trust for him are bountiful and relatively peaceful. Occasionally unwitting raiders cross the borders of her property but her brother, for whom her son was named, has always swiftly demonstrated their folly.

Unfortunately Gweirfyl's good fortune appears to have ended. Maelgwn and his scheming mistress, Delwyn, have connived their way into the great fortress of Brogwm, slaughtering its lord in his sleep. No longer can the lady of Llwyfenydd count on Llewellyn to maintain the peace in her small realm. Now she faces the depredations of an avaricious and treacherous neighbor.

In order to protect her son's lands, Gweirfyl must find a way to accommodate Maelgwn... but surreptitiously she intends to do all she can to bring about his demise, and that of his mistress, Delwyn. She knows that woman all too well!

Delwyn was once mistress to Gweirfyl's husband... perhaps the cause of his death. Not long after he had ended their affair, Bleddyn was ambushed on his way home from a neighboring maenol. His wife and men could find no proof that Delwyn was behind the attack but no one else had cause to be angry with him. Now she is certainly guilty of the death of Llewellyn and Gweirfyl will not allow her to go unpunished a second time!

Though she lacks the strength to attack Maelgwn outright, Gweirfyl will use every means that she has at hand to undermine his power and aid those who fight against him. When the traitor falls, be certain that Gweirfyl will see that Delwyn does not escape. Her doom is sealed!

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