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Gallifrey... she haunts my dreams still.

So long ago it was that I was loomed at Lungbarrow--the home of my House perched halfway up a mountainside. In my first memories I ran down that mountain and I found that the rocks that had looked grey from so high above weren't grey at all - but they were red, brown and purple and gold. And those pathetic little patches of sludgy snow were shining white. Shining white in the sunlight. And at night.. ahh.. there were forests of bright, silver-leafed trees under a burnt orange sky.

Then came my time to go to the Continent of Wild Endeavor and the mountains of Solace and Solitude where I saw for the first time the Citadel of the Time Lords glittering under its huge glass dome. It shone under the twin suns against mountains that go on forever with their slopes of deep red grass, grass that looked as if the dust of rubies was scattered upon on it with the eternal white of snow capping the endless ranges.

What awaited me there I had been forewarned of but to see it..

The Untempered Schism is a gap in the fabric of reality and through it, I looked into the Time Vortex itself. All who sought to enter the Academy had to do so as that was part of the initiation into being a Time Lord. Some were inspired, some ran away and some go mad....

Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment purposes only. The character of Dr. Who is the property of the BBC and no infringment is intended by its use here.

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