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Well soldier, how goes the day?

That was the day everything changed and the Doctor found out who I was

And, not just him... my parents as well. Amy and Rory never knew me as their daughter. Not after the Silence decided to steal me and condition me to kill the Doctor. Perhaps that was the biggest spoiler of all.


He knew all along how it would end. I saved his earlier self and Donna Noble, Strackman Lux, and the 4,022 people saved in the computer system in the Library. And he gave me immortality in a sense when he loaded my consciousness digitally to the Library's computer system CAL.

But without My Doctor .. ahh well, he never did like goodbyes.

Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed.
Some days, nobody dies at all.

Now and then, every once in a very long while,
every day in a million days,
when the wind stands fair and the doctor comes to call...
... everybody lives.

Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment purposes only. 2006 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) owns the logo, names, pictures, etc. of Dr. Who and these are the copyrighted property of 2006 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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For having the nerve to be River Song!
Dec 27, 2019 08:20 pm

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