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When I met Dr. Weir I thought I was going to be involved in a long-term genetic study program on the persistance of the ATA (oh, sorry the Ancient Technology Activation gene) in contemporary human populations. It looked to be a fascinating project whose results could end up being of huge importance to the people of Earth in the war with the Goa'uld.

Never thought I'd have it. Or what it would mean for my life. Or should I say lives? Thanks to having the ATA, I ended up as Chief Medical Officer for the Atlantis Expedition, thank you very much and then I got killed by an exploding tumor designed to destroy the City itself. All done then, yes?

No. Irony layers on thick here, doesn't it? Michael Kenmore, the Wraith I had tried to return to humanity, stole some cells and cloned me. Then put me to work. My life started from the point of being cloned and there's a lot of things that happened to the first me, well, besides dying that I don't know about except from reading his logs.

An Atlantis team eventually rescued me and I was the pilot who brought Atlantis back to earth but now the IOA won't let me off the City because they don't trust cloned me to not be some weird dangerous threat to Earth.

If I could get back to Pegasus, I'd be gone in a heartbeat to a place where people don't look at me sideways all the time.

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