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Descended through seven generations, Fletcher Christian is the namesake of the man who mutinied and stole the Bounty He is also one of the world's leading botanists who literally jumped at the offer to be on Atlantis' first expedition. Dr. Weir had hit him at a time when he really had not a lot to look forward to -- his marriage had crashed, he had pretty much maxed out academically and, sadly, funding for botanical research tended to be for things that left ladies foreheads smoother rather than for things like curing disease or some other "non-financially viable" research paths.

What he'd found there had been a scientist's dream and he'd been able to come back after the failed Lantean retaking of the city. He'd been there through it all and managed to hang on to his position even after the return to Earth for the very proper reason of getting his work in order and safe for anybody else to use.

Colonel Carter's offer to go back and get back to work was music to his soul and it took less than a nano-second for him to sign up.

After all, mutiny and stealing ships ran in his family.

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