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Owner of Straeon Hen
Seara can be seen as being a bright and happy woman, kind to family and friends, yet she is attracted to danger and is full of mystery. She will do anything to keep her family safe. She often experiments with her Magick as she is always eager to learn something new. She helps out family, friends, and any child in need, but sometimes her experiments go awry and cause damage. She will not hesitate to curse or hurt someone should she have reason, and is occasionally apt to follow the “an eye for an eye” thought.

Seara was born and raised in Gwyn Hafan, a small town along Anglesey’s coast. Her father comes from an old Irish bloodline that emigrated to Wales in 48 BCE, as the family legend states. The O’Cornyns are heavily influenced by ancestral Magick and often prefer invoking their ancestors over the gods. Her mother comes from a Welsh bloodline that values traditional thought rather than experience, and has both Wolf-Witch and Vampyre-Witch branches.

She grew up with the loving support of a close family. There were many arguments on both sides of the family, however, the family always managed to stick together. They might say otherwise, but they are protective of each other.

She takes after her grandfather, Michael, who was highly respected among the town’s Witches and served as High Priest of the Coven. During her childhood, she frequently helped him with his antiquities shop which she received it as an inheritance after his death.

Seara shares the O’Cornyn thoughts on Magick; her main practice is ancestral, she studies the arcane, and works to expand her abilities.

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