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Previously a part of the Santa Monica Police Department in California, Officer Douglas Marks who once wore a Detective’s badge, now finds himself demoted and literally ripped away from the big city life of Southern California and in the insignificant position of an assistant Police Office in Wessex Falls, a sleepy little town hardly recognizable on the state map of Vermont.

He was offered a choice several steps below a ‘beat-cop’ but he opted for another option. Take the career-busting demotion and walk the streets with a baton and a stun-gun with no chance of promotion, or retain his status and his reputation, as well as his weapons, and take the transfer. Leave the City and the State, complete with a shiny letter of recommendation in hand. Or third? Quit! Being a cop is all he's ever known. He took the transfer.

So six months ago he made the move, lock, stock and barrel.

Problem was nothing ever happened in Wessex Falls outside a parking ticket. Nothing. He was beginning to wonder if he’d made the right choice.

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