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Sometimes you feel like a Nutt....Then you know what it's like to be me!

From Willa LeBlanc

This was Pea Nutt. He weighed all of 1 lb, 14 oz. Passed away 4 April 2006.

Coco never knew her mother. Butyr (real name Bryony), was never married to Coco's father, never revealed his identity, and died shortly after Coco was born. By happy accident Coco recently gained information on the man who might be her father. She arranged a meeting with Chadwick Yeates, a pureblood wizard who works closely with the British Ministry of Magic as a solicitor but has his own law offices. Chad had never gotten over Bryony, who had dumped him, and was estatic to learn he has a daughter.

Coco was raised by her maternal grandparents, Wal and Hazel Nutt. Wal was a sea captain on a merchant ship and with his partners, Abe and Mitzi Bolt, he owns the shop Nutt's & Bolt's.

Hazel died a when Coco was still young and since then it's just been Wal, Coco, and her tiny dog Pea. They were very suprised when Coco got her invitation to Hogwarts but not overly shocked as those closest to Coco have always known of her ability to talk to animals.

Though she and Pea missed Wal, and the Bolts, a great deal, Coco loved going to Hogwarts, where she made a great friend in Fritz Schnackenpfefferhausen and was a Beater on the Ravenclaw Quiddtich team.

While at Hogwarts, Coco learned she is an Animagus. With Professor McGonagall's help, Coco was legally registered and had tutoring to master control of the transformation. Coco's Animagus form is a petite bird colored brightly blue.

Coco being an Animagus played an important part of the mass escape from Happy Haven School for Nons, one of the prison communities under the Ministry of Euphemia Smythe-Jones. Despite being a registered Animagus, no steps were taken to ensure Coco do not use her ability while at Happy Haven. She presumes this is because fear was instilled in all the students there that if even one was unaccounted for, all the others would suffer for it or that her Animagus status was simply overlooked by accident.

After weeks at Happy Haven, Coco began making short forays at night in her bird form, scouting the surrounding area. As time went on she ventured further, eventually paying visits to the home of friend Jared Wynbourne. Although Jared was at Hogwarts at that time, Coco wanted to check on her dog Pea, who was under the care of the Wynbournes. Coco then made contact with Jared's mother Abigail. Abigail and Gawain Wynbourne helped Coco at they could. Through a number of meetings with them, and with Jared and Sage Porter over Christmas holiday, Coco was able to assist the Order of the Phoenix and the Resistance in successfully rescuing the inhabitants of Happy Haven.

After the escape Coco continued helping the Order and the Resistance. In the summer of 2003, Coco began working part-time for Indigo McFusty at his veterinary healing clinic in Hogsmeade. As she had long planned on becoming a veterinary healer herself, to finish her formal secondary education, Coco accepted an invitation to return as a student to Hogwarts to complete her seventh year. She was delighted to be named one of the seventh year Ravenclaw prefects.

Coco is nearly done with her schooling at St. Emrys University where she is enrolled in Marjoribanks College in Animal Healing. Coco helps with Papa Wal's business, especially now that Abe has passed away and she works for Indigo McFusty in Hogsmeade.

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