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House Greyjoy

The Greyjoys of Pyke claim descent from the Grey King of the Age of Heroes. Legend says the Grey King ruled not only the western isles but the sea itself, and took a mermaid to wife.

For thousands of years, raiders from the iron Islands called "Ironmen" by those they plundered, were the terrors of the seas, sailing as far as the Port of Ibben and the Summer Isles. They prided themselves on their fierceness in battle and their sacred freedoms. Each island had its own 'salt king' and 'rock king.' The High King of the Isles was chosen from among their number, until King Urron made the throne hereditary by murdering the other kings when they assembled for a choosing. Urron's own line was extinguished a thousand years later when the Andals swept over the islands. The Greyjoys, like other island lords, intermarried with the conquerors.

The Iron Kings extended their rule far beyond the isles themselves, carving kingdoms out of the mainland with fire and sword. King Qhored could truthfully boast that his writ ran 'wherever men can smell salt water or hear the crash of waves.' In later centuries, Qhored's descendents lost the Arbor, Oldtown, Bear Island, and much of the western shore. Still, come the Wars of Conquest, King Harren the Black ruled all the lands between the mountains, from the Neck to the Blackwater Rush. When Harren and his sons perished in the fall of Harrenhal, Aegon Targaryen granted the riverlands to House Tully, and allowed the surviving lords of the Iron Islands to revive their ancient custom and chose who should have the primacy among them. They chose Lord Vickon Greyjoy of Pyke.

The Greyjoy sigil is a golden keaken upon a black field.
Their words are We Do Not Sow

Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Sea Wind, Lord Reaper of Pyke,
--His wife, Lady Alannys, of House Harlaw
--Their children:
[Rodrik], their eldest son, slain at Seagard during Greyjoy's Rebellion,
[Maron], their second son, slain on the walls of Pyke during Greyjoy's Rebellion
Asha, their daughter, captain of the Black Wind,
Theon, their sole surviving son, heir to Pyke, a ward of Lord Eddard Stark,
his brothers:
Euron, called Crow's Eye, captain of the Silence, an outlaw, pirate, and raider,
Victarion, Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet,
Aeron, called Damphair, a priest of the Drowned God,

Lesser houses sworn to Pyke include Harlow, Stonehouse, Merlyn, Sunderly, Botley, Tawney, Wynch, Goodbrother.

George R.R. Martin, Author of "Game of Thrones"

This character is the sole property of George R.R. Martin and is part of the players in his Novel series "A Song of Ice and Fire" In no way have I created the name of the character in any fashion to attempt to represent her as one of the Game of Thrones characters, but rather the name alone out of respect and admiration for Mr. Martin.
She does not appear in any fanfic storylines created by George R.R. Martin on this role play website.

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