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("Dwarves are great!" - Erebor mode)

Greetings to you and your family. I go by the name of Jorunn.

I was born into the Firebeard clan but married into the Longbeard clan, or the Sigin-tarag. I grew up hearing about Tumunzahar, a great dwarf city, but I live in the northern Blue Mountains, where Thorin and his kin once lived.

My family trades with other races for foodstuffs and clothing, and when I yearn for living away from others again, we go traveling.



For the Bearded Lady Contest at the 2013 parade:

  • Father:
  • Mother: Thordis
  • Aunt: Halldis
  • Maternal Grandfather: Thorarin
  • Maternal Grandmother: Dis
  • Sister: Idunn - likes poetry and apples
  • Sister's Husband in the One Ring: Thorin Stonehelm son of Dain. Son: Durin.
  • Neighbors:
    • Thorgrima � busybody
    • Thorhalla
  • Spouse: Kjaran �Kolbitr� - plays the fiddle, loves beautiful things
  • Husband's brother: Farmann, whom everyone calls "Fari."
  • Daughter: N�la
  • Son: Radsvinn
  • Friends
    • Mine:
      • Roskva
      • Thordis
      • Gondol
    • My husband's:
      • Andvari - his cousin
      • Hanarr - his cousin
  • Dain's advisers: Nabbi, Alviss, and Heith (female)
  • Bard son of King Brand has a wife, Astrid, and a son, Thorarin

Jorunn in One Ring

In the Erebor thread:

  • Jorunn is 151 in TA 3019. She wishes she had a family that was more like her sister. Idunn is married to the heir apparent to the King Under the Mountain, and Idunn's son is so like Durin the Deathless that he is called Durin.
  • Jorunn's husband: Kjaran, "Kjari." He is skillful in everything dwarvish, but a little irreverent and is easily bored, so it is hard for him to stick with anything. He currently likes to play the fiddle and hunt with a bow and arrow. He is a good scout. He is a junior attendant to the the King Under the Mountain but defers to all.
  • Jorunn's parents: Nali and Thordis. Nali damascened weapons and jewelry (inlayed silver or gold). Thordis is the daughter of Thorarin and Dis, and Jorunn's aunt is Halldis. Nali's brother is V�li.
  • Halldis has a son and daughter, Siar and Sigr�n, and both are vegetarian. Neither are married.
  • Kjaran (Kolbitr)'s father: Radsvinn.
  • Husband's brother: Farmann, "Fari." He is a great warrior and a junior advisor to the king.
  • Kjaran's friends: Andvari and Hanarr, his cousins. Also, Bofur's [made-up] sons, B�fi and Bari. Bofur is between 210 and 256 in TA 3019. B�fi is Dain's attendant. Ori might have been 210 or older in 3019 had he lived, too. Ori's [made-up] son is Onar, who is also a friend of Kjaran.
  • My friends, Roskva, Thordis, and Gondul
  • Jorunn and Kjaran's children:
    • Radsvinn (45 in 3019). Radsvinn was fostered by King Brand. Some dwarves feel he is too human now. He loves literature, is bored with talk of mining, gem-cutting, or stonework, is a prissy (ie not messy) eater, and does not sing in a properly low voice. He has tried to distinguish himself in the fight with Easterlings, but the two battles he was in were either losses or draws. The one he missed because of a broken leg was a victory where Kjaran, his father, and brother held off the Easterlings and turned the tide of the war. In that battle, Durin, Jorunn's nephew, was too young to fight, but he counseled them when to fight.
    • N�la (42 in 3019). She was jealous when her brother was fostered by the human king but she wasn't, and she turned her energy into being good at everything dwarves value. She is an champion precision-axe-thrower. She is a good gem cutter and can bring the luster out of any gem or stone. She has a great sense of when to use various gems, stones, and gold highlights. She has a growing consulting business based on this.
  • Jorunn's sister: Idunn, married to Thorin Stonehelm (151 in 3019, age made up), the son of the King Under the Mountain, Dain. Canonically, Dain is 252 in 3019. Idunn feels the pressure of being the wife to the heir apparent and sees dwarves trying to please her to get on the good side of her husband. While she has many projects helping Erebor, she also wishes she could get away from everthing and live as a hermit in a tunnel no one knew about. She wishes she could be like Jorunn who is allowed to be herself.
  • Jorunn's nephew: Durin (50 in 3019, age made up)
  • Dain's advisors: Nabbi, Alviss, and Heith (female). Kjaran's brother, Fari, is a junior member.

Kings of Dale:

  • Bard (kg 2944-2977)
  • Bain (kg 2977-3007)
  • Brand (kg 3007-3019)
  • Bard (kg 3019- ) m. to Astrid, their son is Thorarin.

Canon: The kings of Dale with the regnal years included, plus Dain, Thorin (Stonehelm), Durin (the Last). I don't know how old Bard is.

Jorunn in New Tales from Middle-earth

She can't be the same Jorunn because if she is 151 in One Ring, she would be 273 in 4th Age 122.

Her daughter, N�la (42 in the Erebor thread) is 164 in 4th Age 122. She has married and has a 64-year-old daughter named Jorunn.

The Jorunn in the 4th Age has visited Gimli's Glittering Caves and Durin [the Last]'s Moria. She is too young to marry, but her best male friend is Kiallak "Kialli," whose brother is Fiak "Fiaki."

During the Last is King Under the Mountain, and Thorarin son of Bard son of Brand is King of Dale

Jorunn in Lion's Den

I was born in northwest Iceland in Lax�rdalr, which is the Lax or Salmon River valley, in Breidafj�rdur (Broad Fjord). My family trade salt fish and eider (duck) down.

The Danes have ruled Iceland for centuries (1380-1918). When we went to Denmark regarding a restriction that the Danes had laid upon us, I caught the eye of a Dutch/Danish trader, Kieran. We married, and now we live in England overseeing Dutch trading interests. After all, English ships have been fishing for cod off Iceland since 1412. I will go back to the Netherlands to escort Anne of Cleves (Dutch: Anna van Kleef) in 1539/40.

We have been at the court of Margaret of Austria, who was the governor of the Netherlands in 1507-1515 and 1519-1530.

The King of Denmark and Norway is Christian II (1481-1559). He is the King of Denmark and Norway from 1513-1523 and of Sweden from 1520-1. His daughters are Christina of Denmark and Dorothea. Christina was born in 1522. Christian II was painted by Sittow.

In 1542, Denmark and France will fight the Holy Roman Empire, and in 1543, Denmark fights the Netherlands.

Miguel Sittow is from Estonia. He was at the court of Margaret of Austria after painting Christian II in 1514. He married Dorothie in Reval (now Tallinn) in 1518, and he died in Reval in 1525 or 1526.

I am a Catholic with Pietistic leanings. However, Denmark adopted Lutheranism in 1536 and outlawed Roman Catholicism.

Jorunn in Early American Narratives

I am from northwest Iceland and marry a Dutch trader who worked with the Dutch West India Company.

The Dutch Republic is in name under the Habsburgs (until 1794). In the mid 17th century, there were the biggest European maritime force, but not any more. There was the smallpox in 1707-9, and the famines and natural disasters in 1752-7 (and there will be again 1783-5). Dutch trade is declining, and the Dutch prefer French culture to their own. The cities are decaying. The Dutch wanted to be neutral in the War of the Austrian Succession, but they had to back England. France attacked the Netherlands in 1740-8.

There is uneasiness in the 1770s. The stadtholder, William V, is weak and vacillating. The Dutch are proud of their liberties. The Dutch have allied with England since 1688, but the Dutch don't like London restricting their trade. Still, William V supports the British over the rebellious colonies, and officially, the Dutch are neutral as regards the conflict. (In 1780-4, the Dutch will fight England in the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War).

Many Dutch merchants, especially those in Amsterdam, supply the colonies with arms via the island of St. Eustatius. In 1776, the governor of St. Eustatius was the first to salute the colonial flag. In 1778, the Dutch refused to side with England against France.

My husband's brother is Willem.

I am Lutheran.

Dwarvish sayings:
By the beard of Durin!
May his beard wither!
May your beards never grown thin

Viking Food

  • 2 meals a day
  • Beef, mutton, lamb, goat, pork � often dried but also smoked, salted, fermented, or pickled in whey deer, elk, fish, seafood,, smoke fish, chicken stew with beer, boiled lambsquarters
  • Bilberries, fruit in honey
  • Pancakes with berries
  • Honey glazed root vegetables
  • Cow milk, cheese, curds, buttermillk, skyr (like yoghurt but made like cottage cheese)
  • Barley oats, barley porridge, small biscuit-like bread, barley flatbread
  • Green soup � leeks and parsley
  • Nettle soup

Viking Drinks

Barley ale flavored with juniper or hops; honey mead, milk, buttermilk, whey, water

From Viking Foods:

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