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on left is my father

Age: 25 rains (25 years)

Height: right height (4 ft) Human height his called tall height 5 foot range, and too tall 6 foot range

Hair color: Night with moonbeams (Black with yellow streaks)

Eye color: Night

Origin: Dustlands

Trade: Messenger

I am a Zihirahian, people of the Dust, we see strange things come to our land, many of us hide, some new creatures are good to eat, they taste like hoppers or peckits, others are hard to kill and when bitten break teeth (Horses and trains), both are fast. I know how to dowse, make fires, be invisible and speak to my elders, heal a few wounds, have a protective charm, channel energy, and know pressure points.

We recently made peace with the Alganche, both tribes agree Greenlanders need to discuss with our leaders, no magic, the other young men want war, elders want to talk, I want to learn. Words are sacred, we remember with accuracy, to lie is fatal, and we have a written language to prove truth.


Rains= years

Right height= 4ft

Tall height =5ft-5ft 11in

Too tall= 6ft up

Night= black


Moonbeams= yellow streaks

Thunderstaff= gun or wand

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The Crossroads

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Daud ibn Tabir

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