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Collin of the Iceni, a Roman slave


Captured from his homeland of Britannia, and forced into slavery under the iron rule of the Roman Empire, Collin was the youngest of a family of three children, including him. (He had an older sister and brother, the brother of whom was married.) His entire family was killed by the Romans, as they razed his village, which was a part of the Iceni tribe.

He was taken among other slaves, but his refusal to submit to even the shackles on him, caught the attention of the Legatus and other officers.

Collin stands about 5'6" and slender, with pretty blond locks and soft skin, hazel eyes, and muscular enough to be attractive and male, but slender enough to not look like a man. He has an attitude and is a bit of a scrapper.

He does NOT submit easily unless the story calls for it. He is also a virgin.

Because of his beautiful, smooth, almost feminine features, he was an easy choice for a Legatus who would take pleasure in breaking his will, which would take a long time and a tiring process for those not up to the challenge.

* * * * *

Collin is of the Iceni tribe in South Eastern Britannia. I play him at the time of roughly 50 AD.

Searching for a Legatus or Praefectus to be his Dominus (Master). Must have a basic understanding of Roman history, culture, and the way a Roman Legatus would carry himself, speak, and behave.

I use the actor below for the Legatus/Praefectus role. I prefer a Legatus, personally, as he has more power, and power makes for a sexier man. Must be bisexual in the sense that he has a wife and children, but I don't mind at all the idea that they grow frond enough of each other that Collin is in his bed every morning/evening.

I do enjoy adult features in a roleplay, but story ALWAYS comes FIRST, with me.


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