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Once upon a timethere lived seven wizards of considerable skill. These seven wizards counted each other as great friends. So it was that when one of these wizards happened upon a map to a legendary statue granting wishes to those who found it, this treasure was shared among the friends.
Following this map, the friends managed to find this legendary statue, overcoming remarkable obstacles on the way. Each of the seven friends, in turn, placed one hand upon the statue and spoke their wish. Wealth. Knowledge. Foresight. Beauty. Health. To be the strongest witch in the world. Peace.
Seven wishes granted, and an ancient spell was broken. The statue was revealed to be a cursed prison for an ancient and terribly powerful dark wizard, so evil, so powerful, that many regarded him as a demon. Some regarded him as a dark god. The seven friends knew they could not let this force of evil loose upon the world, and so they pooled their might, weaving a new seal for the dark wizard, using their own souls as prisons for the seven pieces the dark wizard's soul was broken into.
Even as the binding spell was being woven, the dark wizard exacted revenge upon his saviours. Reaching out with his terrible magic, he cursed them. So interwoven with the binding spell, these curses must never be broken, for if they are, the binding will unravel and the dark wizard will once again plague mankind.
Thus were born The Blackguard.
To Lancelot Lear, who wished for wealth, the dark wizard granted a purse full of self-replenishing galleons. He was cursed with a touch that turned whatever he touched to gold.
Peregrinus Hartcrofte wished for knowledge, and was granted a library stocked with a copy of every book ever written. He was cursed to slowly become that which he so loves: a book.
Ellenora Valdemar, who had always been unattractive, was granted sublime physical beauty. She was cursed with the removal of her capacity to love, that her newfound beauty would never profit her.
Horatio Wellington, a frail wizard who wished for health, was made hale and hearty, but cursed to the body of a child.
The ambitious Lily Glover, who wished to be the strongest witch in the world, was given exactly that - strength. Rather than magical power, she was given immense physical strength. She was cursed with the half-giant stature to match her strength.
Cassandra de Notre Dame, perpetually frustrated that her skills in Divination lacked reliability, wished for foresight and was given the gift of precognition, but cursed to see only how people will die.
The eldest among the pack was Ebenezer Charlemagne. Chas was haunted by a troubled past and wished for peace. He was given a reprieve from his crushing guilt. The dark wizard's curse twisted his wish to give him eternal peace, ending his tortured life, only to begin a new one as a ghost.

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May 12, 2014 03:20 pm
Wonderful Description
Feb 23, 2014 01:42 am
Apr 05, 2013 12:35 am
Such Touching Concern for His Slippery Friend
Apr 04, 2013 04:48 pm
Witty and dramatic in equal measure
Dec 27, 2012 03:43 am

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