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◇Ambrogio Stornello
Overlord of the underworld
There's one thing that Ambrogio covets above all else: power.
Son of a wealthy merchant house that has their sights set upon the noble heights. To achieve this end, the family has trafficked with both mortal and supernatural agencies.
Verse: La Serenissima PB: Rufus Sewell
◇ Libri Sibyllini

Son of a second son, Ambrogio is not set to become the successor to the Stornello fortunes. Well, the earthly fortunes, at least.

In his youth, he discovers an ancient Sibyl that seems to know more about his life than he does. And, much, much more about the paths between the worlds -- all of which she is happy to pass along to him.

Such knowledge comes with a price, and one that is paid gladly by Ambrogio. After all, what is the cost in becoming a god?
◇ Libri Saturnus

The cost of achieving apotheosis is steep, indeed. It is a path filled with blind-alleys, false starts, and unfruitful expectations.

And yet, Ambrogio has found a measure of freedom for his researches and a renewed purpose in overseeing the family's continued financial success.
◇ Libri Apocalyptia

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Midnight Tapestry
World Under Siege
Imps of Ink

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Ca Giovanni

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Comte Sebastien G de Rochefort
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