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◇Isabella Stornello
I do indeed know what evils I intend.

When Lucifer fell, he did not fall alone, so the pious say. This is where starlings have their origins. Birds of midnight plumage dotted with celestial stars to always remind them of their fall, yet they wear this badge of shame with honour & delight. Masters of mimicry & opportunity, starlings (Latin sturnus) became the atavistic emblem of the Stornello family & their namesake. Like the birds, theStornello family has no qualms inserting themselves into the crevices of the world, exposing any weak prey that will help them advance ever higher the ladder to Heaven.
Verse: La Serenissima PB: Isabel Adjani
Libri Sibyllini

Daughter of the city's most prominent merchant houses, Isabella was wed to Iacobino Venier in a marriage of convenience. It was convenient for Iacobino to wed a second time for desire, as well as enjoy the flow of silver and gold Isabella's dowry brought to his near empty coffers. It was also convenient for the Stornello family to ally themselves with the man commonly thought to be tagged as future Doge of La Serenissima. It made advancing up the ladder of the Republic's ruling body all the easier.

Whether or not Isabella shared these same thoughts about Iacobino Venier was never considered, certainly not by those who joined the man in his congratulations on making his match. Yet these very same things were carefully, quietly, and thoroughly discussed amongst House Stornello behind the thick walls of their warehouse as exotic cargoes of luxury goods from the Orient were unloaded and practical and utilitarian cargoes for the Occident were loaded in the ships that plied the trade of the family. Behind the smiles and sweet lies laced with pretty words, House Stornello considered Iacobino Venier the ultimate fool.
Libri Saturnus

Isabella is the product of an old merchant house that rose to minor Venezian nobility during the Renaissance1. She is fiercely loyal to her family, and as such is often called upon to speak on behalf of the merchant-bankers to the world at large. Isabella is the Chair of several philanthropic organisations dedicated to improving living conditions in the developing worlds, and if she can use her charms to steer business contracts toward the family businesses, so much the better.

She is also the owner and CEO of Bella Vita, an exclusive health spa in Tuscany. Proceeds from this business are given to charity, as well as a percentage being used to fuel her own private research.

1. Such a feat, whilst not impossible, was difficult enough that rumours of the family hiding dark secrets have resurfaced. The recent discovery of a 'vampire' burial in the canals have some of the more superstitious citizens whispering again about the fortunes of the family. In the midst of this, Isabella just smiles and continues her work.
Libri Apocalyptia

It's the end of the world as we know it, and the Stornellos are feeling fine.

Whilst much of humanity fled the rising waters and catastrophic reshaping of the world, as did a certain portion of the Stornello family (after allying themselves with other supernatural agencies), Isabella had planned and reckoned for this most recent apocalypse.

With the waters receding, she is prepared to once more build an empire with select allies. But... like most plans, it will not go smoothly.

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Midnight Tapestry
World Under Siege
Imps of Ink

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Good use of description
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