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Name: Dolores Threnody
Schooling: High school graduate. Experience
Birthplace: Birmingham, AL
Age: 30
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Height: 5'9"


Dolores lived with her father Hank in an industrial area of Birmingham. She does not know her mother or care about her. She has no known siblings and does not care to know any siblings. She excelled in school, but rather than compete for scholarships and postpone entering the work force and building her career, she took an entry-level data job with a defense contractor. She moved about the company taking jobs in different areas, learning everything she could about the departments, operations, the companies they dealt with, and the people. Wanting more access to more information she took an assistant job and was eventually assigned to Erik Tsarran. She respected Tsarran's drive and realized she could do more at his side than she could ever achieve alone. She is completely loyal to him.


Notable characteristics:
Expressions are slight to non-existent. Erik who has known her for a very long time is able to interpret her tiny changes in her facial expressions.
Has a lively sense of humor despite appearances.
Is a vegan.
At work the only visible colors of clothing she wears are black and gray with the occasional touch of white. Always wears dark red lipstick except in a pinch she may wear black. Off duty she often wears red.
Her assymetrical hair style which is short on the right side to long layers on the left, with short bangs, and visibly shaved above the ears helps conceal constant adjustments and experimentation to tech implants.


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Unique & well-crafted character. Well-written.
Dec 08, 2014 05:39 am

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