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Being the child of Meredydd’s old age, Gwyneira was his favorite – petted and coddled, and perhaps a little spoiled as she grew into womanhood. Her father’s other children never seemed to resent the special place that she held in his affections. After all, they were all far older than her – almost men by the time she could remember, more like uncles than brothers.

Then Meredydd finally succumbed to the effects of time, passing away peacefully in his sleep. Gwyneira had not expected much change in her life but two of her elder brothers decided that at sixteen she was past an age to be married. Had their choice not rested on Eliffer ap Hywel the girl might have accepted their decision – unfortunately, while he was a rich and powerful chieftain, he was also well past forty, with children of his own older than Gwyneira.

Believing that she would find little wedded bliss with Eliffer, Gwyneira decided to escape the fate her brothers had planned for her. However, she knew she could not simply flee without some sort of refuge. In her desperation, Gwyneira opted to find her third brother. Dafydd had forsaken the life of his father and brothers in order to take to the road as a bard. Though they had heard very little from him over the years, Meredydd had received a message not so many months ago saying that his prodigal son had settled, temporarily at least, in Dunadd. With no more knowledge that that, Gwyneira fled one day and found a ship bound for Dalriada. Who knows what will happen once she arrives?

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