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Picture to the right courtesy of the Wing's Halloween costume party at The Farm. Gareth thought it was so funny...

Picture above is my dad and best friend...what can I say, he's still got it...

In the Short Cuts Novel:


Called Nitro, Katya is the explosives/demolition expert for the Falcon's Wing.

Full Name : Katya Emma Stedman
Nickname : Nitro
Birth Date : 03/12/73
Astrological Sign and Details : Pisces
Birth Place : London, England
Age : 31
Race : Caucasian
Hair Color : Dark Blonde
Hair Style : Changes now and again
Shape and Features of Face : round, pretty
Eye Color : blue
Skin Tone : fair, very light tan
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks : scar from knife slash across knuckle of left thumb
Build or Body Type : medium build, well-toned
Height : 5’ 8”
Weight : 150

Family and Childhood
Mother : Emma Pelmond
Father : Jon Stedman
Parents' Occupations : In Her Majesty’s Service
Family Finances : more than adequate
Brothers : none
Sisters : none
Other Close Family : no
Best Friend : her father
Other Friends : assorted school friends
Pets : a white cat, Tara
Home Life During Childhood : happy, eclectic
Any Sports or Clubs : several, she was a very active child
Schooling : public school in her early years, private schooling as she got older
Favorite Subject : math, science
Popular or Loner : both
Important Experiences or Events : When her parents decided she was old enough, and mature enough, to take up the family business
Health Problems : none
Culture : English
Religion : non-practicing Anglican

Your Character's Character Bad Habits : sometimes leaps before she looks; she has a bit of an impetuous streak
Strong Points : intelligent, quick thinker, tops in her field
Temperament : Cheerful, but takes no crap from anyone. Will make her point physically if need be. Has a fiery temper when roused.
Attitude : Confident, watchful
Weakness : Is a bit sensitive to being underestimated, especially by men
Fears : none she’ll admit to
Secrets : her fair share
Regrets : not pursuing her interest in Peter Caine. . .
Feels Vulnerability When : she doesn’t have her explosives close to hand at need
Pet Peeves : explosives that fail to detonate on cue. . .
Conflicts : male chauvinists, injustice of any sort
Motivation : the greater good, following the family tradition
Goals and Hopes : to make her parents proud of her
Sexuality : her own business
Exercise Routine : martial arts, meditation, jogging
Speech : well-educated, but often speaks street-ese. . .
Tag Words: duck and cover
Gestures : knows several, none of them polite
Day or Night Person : both
Introvert or Extrovert : extrovert
Optimist or Pessimist : Realistic optimist

Likes and Styles
Music : Celtic, hard rock
Books : trade-related journals and such; anything by Tolkien
Foods : has a fondness for traditional English cooking
Drinks : like a trooper. . .
Animals : likes cats
Sports : likes rugby and American baseball
Social Issues : injustice, corruption, stupidity in public office. . .
Color : orange
Clothing : has good fashion sense
Jewelry : has a few trinkets
Games : nope
TV Shows : not since originality died
Movies : Lord of the Rings trilogy, she’s a major Tolkien fan

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now
Home : New York City
Household furnishings : tasteful and plentiful
Favorite Possession : a sword cane that’s a trophy of her first mission with her parents
Neighborhood : decent enough
Town or City Name : The Big Apple
Details of Town or City : look it up, it’s too big to describe here
Married Before : no
Children : she’s not saying
Relationship with Family : excellent; Mom’s retired, but she works with Dad still occasionally.
Best Friend : her father
Other Friends : Peter Caine, various people from her father’s pub in New York, and in cities around the world.
Car : Ford Focus
Pets : black and white cat named Uma
Career : Her day job is working in her father’s pub in NYC; she does cloak and dagger on the side, often working with her father.
Dream Career : Owning her own pub
Dream Life : working on it
Hobbies : chess
Sports or Clubs : handball
Talents : explosives expert, mathematics whiz
Finances : no problems
Health Problems : none
Culture : English
Religion : non-practicing Anglican

Your Character's Life…Before Your Story
Past Careers : various small jobs before working for her father
Past Lovers : are her business
Biggest Mistakes : she lived to learn from
Biggest Achievements : are yet to come. . .

My thanks to Kwai Chang Caine for the character of Katya. I'll strive to do her justice.

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