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Good day to ye! I am Elysabeth of York. My husband is Henry VIJth, by the Grace of God, King of England, France and Lord of Ireland. (For those of you who are barely literate, he would be Henry VII, but all goodly peoples substitute a "J" for the last "I").


Elizabeth of York effigy (3D): CC By NC-SA 2.0 license by lisby1. From Flickr.

Westminster Palace and the Abbey behind it are taken from a drawing from the time of Henry VIII.

Short Bio

  • Born: 11 February 1466 at Westminster Palace, dies 1503
  • Parents: King Edward IV (dies 1483) and Queen Elizabeth Wydville (dies 8 June 1492)
  • Grandparents:
    • Paternal - Richard, Duke of York and Cecily [Neville] Duchess of York
    • Maternal - Richard [Wydville] Earl Rivers and Jacquetta of Luxembourg, Duchess of Bedford
  • Christened: Westminster Abbey
  • Godparents: Earl of Warwick (the Kingmaker), Cecily Duchess of York (dies 1495), and Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford (dies 1472).
  • Brothers and sisters:
    • Mary, born 11 August 1467, Lady of the Garter 1480, dies 23 May 1482
    • Cecily, (Dowager after 1499) Viscountess Welles, born 20 March 1469, Lady of the Garter 1480, marries Thomas Kyme in 1502 or 1504, dies 1507
    • Edward V, born 2 November 1470, dies July 1483?
    • Richard, 1st Duke of York and Norfolk, born17 August 1473, dies 1483
    • Anne, born 2 November 1475, dies 1511
    • Catherine, born14 August 1479, dies 1527
    • Bridget, born 10 November 1480, dies 1517
  • Appearance: tall, golden-haired
  • Motto: "Humble and Reverence"
  • Badge: White Rose?
  • Livery colors (revels, court ceremonials): blue and murrey
  • Languages: English, French, enough Latin to follow the rites
  • Enjoys: singing, dancing, music, playing the clavichord, horses and riding
  • Lady of the Garter since 1477
  • Husband: Henry VII
  • Husband's parents: Edmund [Tudor] Earl of Richmond and Margaret [Beaufort] Countess of Richmond.
  • Husband's birthdate: 28 January 1457 at Pembroke Castle, Wales.
  • Children:
    • Prince Arthur, born 20 September 1486
    • Princess Margaret, born 29 November 1489
    • Prince Henry, born 28 June 1491
    • Princess Elizabeth, born 2 July 1492, dies 1495
    • Princess Mary, born 18 March 1496
    • Prince Edmund, born 21 February 1499, dies 19 June 1500
    • Princess Katherine
  • *Lady of the Garter information from wikipedia

Coat of arms as Queen. (Henry's is on the left, Elysabeth's on the right).

Image credit: Sodacan, Arms of Elizabeth of York. CC-BY-SA-3.0. No change but size. License:

Quarterly 1st: Arms of King Edward III; 2nd & 3rd: Or a cross gules (de Burgh), 4th: Barry or and azure, on a chief of the first two pallets between two base esquires of the second over all an inescutcheon argent.
My best guess on the elements not explained:
Azure, three fleur-de-lys Or
Gules, three lions passant guardant Or, armed and langued azure
Or, a cross gules

Arthur Tudor: The Once and Future King

I am Elysabeth the Queen, wife of Henry VIJ. Historically, I die in 1503, but in this alternate thread, I live. I am 37.

My Sisters

My sisters the ladies Cecily (aged 34), Anne, Catherine and Bridget are still alive, as are my children the princes Arthur and Henry, and the princesses Margaret and Mary. Cecily is married to Thomas Kyme and is away from court.

Lion's Den

In the new 1491 thread, I am 25 and my sister Cecily, Viscountess Welles, is 22. Our mother, the Dowager Queen Elizabeth is still alive, as is Cecily Duchess of York. My son Prince Arthur is 5 and is already betrothed to 6-year-old Dona Catalina, daughter of Ysabel (aged 40) and Ferdinand. The heir of Ysabel and Ferdinand is their 13-year-old son Juan, and in 1491, the younger Isabel will lose her husband Afonso of Portugal.

My Sisters

My sister Cecily is about the same age as Ysabel's eldest daughter, also named Isabel, for Isabel is 21 and my sister is 22. My youngest sister, Bridget, is 5 years older than little Catalina.

Narratives of Early America

I am Elysabeth of York and I live in York, Virginia.

Age: Age 33 in 1779, born 1746.
Ethnicity: English
Physical Description: tall, blonde
Political Bent:
Station in Life: Her father owned a wealthy tobacco plantation in Virginia, but he died young and Elysabeth's uncle wrested the plantation from Elysabeth's mother. Her mother raised the family as best she could, but their dire financial straits meant that Elysabeth as eldest daughter was heavily encouraged to marry the first rich man who showed any interest in her. Elysabeth was a milliner while she waited to see if any rich man would take an interest in her.

The man who did was Henry Nelson, brother of Thomas Nelson, Jr., who signed the Declaration of Independence. They are descended from the Plantagenets through Edward III. Like his brother Thomas, Henry is a statesman.

Elder brother Thomas was educated in Cambridge. Was on the House of Burgesses in 1774, was first Commander of the Militia in 1775, was a delegate to the Continental Congress 1775-1777. He was re-elected to Congress in 1779 but had to withdraw after a few months because of health problems he'd had since 1777. He will be the governor of Virginia in 1781 when Thomas Jefferson declines re-election.

Thomas is married to Lucy, and their children are:
Thomas Jr b 1764
Philip b 1766
Francis b 1767
Hugh b 1768 - will graduate from the College of William and Mary in 1780
Elizabeth b 1770
Mary [Carter] b 1774
Lucy b 1777
Robert b 1778
Susanna will be b 1780

Elyabeth's husband Henry was not educated in England and fills ill at ease among the gentry. Things don't come easy for him, and he is looking for his chance to leave his elder brother's shadow.

Henry's father was William Nelson, who was the acting governor of Virginia from 1770-1771, before Lord Dunmore.

Henry's grandfather was Thomas "Scotch Tom" Nelson, who came from England. He was a merchant and built the Swan Tavern in York with Joseph Walker.

Religion: Anglican
Where does your character live and where has the person lived in the past.
Where would your character like to live?
Hobbies: singing, dancing, music, horses and riding Stated dream, secret longing, fears: Wants more than anything for the fighting to stop. Fears of being called a loyalist because she cares more about family and peace than politics. She also wants to take care of her sisters who are less well off than her. She is especially close to Cecily.

NPCs you want to keep track of (family, friends, associates):
Elysabeth�s father: Edward (died c 1762)

Elysabeth�s mother: Elizabeth Wood
Elysabeth�s husband: Henry

Elysabeth�s sisters:
Elysabeth of York (1st child)
Mary (second child) - deceased
(Cecily is the third child) b c 1749
Margaret (5th child) - deceased
Anne (7th child)
Katherine (9th child)
Bridget (10th child)

Elysabeth�s brothers:
Edward (one year younger than Cecily) (4th child)
Richard (6th child)
George (8th child) - deceased

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Elysabeth the Chef Cart

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