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Course: Astronomy
Professor: Celeste Quigley

Celeste Quigley teaches Astronomy to the upper years at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. She is the assistance Head of the Slytherin house. She is married to Eugene Quigley and has a cat named Leo. Celeste's nephew, Caleb, attends Hogwarts. He is a fourth year and he was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Class Meetings:

M Midnight 5th year G&H
T Midnight 5th year R&S
W Midnight 6th year NEWT
TH Midnight 7th year NEWT

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 5-7 PM
or by appointment


5th years:

CLASS ONE: Amelia Acker (G), Mildred Campbell (G), Ellie Mae Chamberlain (H), Marion DeMarco (H), Melpomene Graham (G), Hubert MacBadger (H), Queenie McPhaul (G), Bernard Ollis (H), Achilles Sims (G), Wesley Varnum (G), Edgar Zhou (H), unnamed students
CLASS TWO: Callie Blackwell (S), Gideon Coy (S), Katheryn Finch (R), Hope Hyland (R), Maurice Kilman (S), Raz Kohen (R), Rylee Marks (S), Horace Quisenberry (S), Paton Shrewsbury (R), Franciscus Vanderbilt (R), Amorica Wenlock (S), Willow Westwick (S), Niccolo Zabini (S), unnamed students

6th years:

Alcmene Acker (G), Cierra Beckett (S), Tamsin Branstone (G), Andromeda Brycin (S), Kay Dunlap (H), Kirby Fort (S), Hunter Green (G), Jade Green (R), Winifred Hicks (H), Justin Hodges (H), Eden Jenkins (H), Bartholomew Kimple (R), Baron Marchbanks (S), Madoc McGonagall (G), Dinah Northington (S), Penny Puckett (R), Heather Rabnott (R)

7th years:

Audrey Appleseed (G), Eilonwy Barrett (G), Pablo Carioca (R), Flora Dalton (H), Sarah Edwards (R), Arthur Fu (S), Gaston Gallagher (S), Ichabod Hawkins (R), Glori Hodfuffer (H), Mason Jeffers (S), Jasper Jenkins (H), Liannah MacDougal (H), Hydrangea Marchbanks (G), Liam Murray (G), Jake Neilson (R), Max Owens (G), Orville Packard (G), Calliope Quinn (G), Hera Roberts (R), Cody Sweet (G), Preston Travers (R), Humbert Umberfield (H), Beatrix Vanderbilt (R), Rowan Westwick (R)

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The Trismegistus Society

My Friends:

Dante Knight
Severus Snape
Harry Potter
Karma Davyd
Furnella Hodfuffer
Hermione Granger
Jordan Thompson

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Amusing Insight into a Muggle's exposure to the wizarding world. Well done!
Sep 23, 2015 06:47 pm
Very good!
Aug 01, 2015 06:21 pm
A Comedy of Implausibility. Bravo!
Dec 14, 2012 06:39 am
The mystery is unravelled!
Sep 29, 2012 10:27 am

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