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This biography is subject to change without any notice. Only the top half will be updated as my story continues (the bottom half has a full biography).

FULL NAME: Angelique de Bigorre



BIRTH: August 7, 1502

AGE: 17


Angelique de Bigorre was born the youngest child to the Marquis Philippe de Bigorre and the Marquise Geneviève de Bigorre, of which the Marquis has become recently deceased. Angelique has three older male brothers: Henri, Jacques and Charles. Henri, being the oldest male son, inherited the title of the Marquis de Bigorre and thus becoming the head of the Bigorre family. She has four older sisters: Geneviève, Véronique, Marie, and Victoire. The eight Bigorre children have grown up in an above well situation when compared to the common noble at the time. Her father had been a companion of Louis XII and her brother Henri was a companion of François I of France. Her mother was once a favourite lady-in-waiting to Catherine de Medici and her sisters Geneviève and Véronique currently serve Claude de France as ladies. Thus, the Bigorre family is highly known and respected within the French court. They have the friendship of the French Crown and do have moderate power behind the throne, making them one of the most revered Noble families in France.

In the fall of 1519, she was married to one of the King's courtiers, a suggestion given to Henri by the King himself in order to tempt her into becoming his mistress, of which she had refused time again so as to not disgrace her ancestors and she wished to stay true to her husband. The man died under suspicious circumstances six months after their marriage, not being able to greet his unborn son. Angelique was pregnant with her first child at the time of his death; she was in her sixth month. With his death, she returned to Bigorre to properly mourn her deceased husband and to raise her child.

In the dawn of the year 1520, Angelique became engaged to the son of the Comte de Vertus, but nothing came of it when the King decided to disprove the match. King François was still determined to make her his mistress and he thought that she would use her husband as an excuse to not go to his bed.

Three month's later, the King gave up in his quest and finally agreed to let her marry François de Vertus. On June 8, 1520 she arrived in Vertus to meet her betrothed for the first time. She was unsure of her life with the man. Her arrival was well accepted by the Comte, but she spotted some hatred for her presence in the eyes of the Comtesse.

They married June 12, 1520 and to her great amazement, the man she married was extremely good to her and her little two year-old son Louis. It was easy to fall in love with him and she did so quickly, firmly believing that he was also in love with her. She quickly birthed him two twin sons and a daughter. The great trial of their marriage came in 1523, when she was three months pregnant. She came upon her husband and the Comtesse in a compromising position. She was devistated but did not inform her father-in-law, the Comte, of this. Instead, in tears she slapped him and waited until their fourth child was born before going before asking him for a divorce. He refused and she grew increasingly bitter, hating the Comtesse's smirk about her situation. She eventually decided to go to an ally she knew she could count on; the King who considered the Bigorre's to be family. He agreed to help on the condition that she enter his bed as his official mistress. She was too bitter to deny him, not wishing to remain her husband's wife. In 1524 they then began to proceed with the divorce, keeping secret her husband's affair while hers became known to France. She sought and received the friendship of her sister-in-laws who entirely held her sympathy. The King eventually released her, thinking of her more of a sister than his mistress.

Before the divorce was finalized in 1525, the Comte de Vertus died under suspicious circumstances making the pregnant Comtesse a widow free to marry. Angelique, Elizabeth and Marguerite concluded that this child belonged to François and once the divorce was finalized that he would seek to marry his widowed step-mother. This did not happen when, in the summer of 1525, when she was visiting Bigorre with her children of whom she had refused to allow François to see or even write letters to, that the new Comte de Vertus came to Angelique. He begged for her to forgive him, as he truly did love her, saying that Matilda was a mistake who had blinded him through witchery. After three hours of explanations on François' part and listening on hers, she agreed to give him one last chance due to the fact that she still loved him. They returned to Vertus as a family and François immediately called off his relationship with Matilda. As he was about to force her out of his home, Angelique would not let that happen, nor did she allow for charges of witchcraft to be brought up against her. She said that Matilda could continue to stay with them seeing as how she had no where to go for her family had even forsaken her, as long as she stayed locked up in her room. Everything went back to normal until it was discovered that Angelique was poisoned in August 1526. She was able to be healed on time by the physicians and it was discovered that it was the same sort that had been the same that had killed Comte Jean. It came time for Matilda to be arrested for interrogation although there was no evidence against her, but when the men entered her small chamber to send her away, she was gone. In 1527, it was discovered that Matilda had resurfaced in Aquitaine as its newest Duchesse under false pretenses. They received a letter from her, swearing that she would die as François' wife and that she would do everything in her power to see that happen.

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