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I participated in the Panhistoria Parade 2017 and won 3rd place in the drinking song contest!

I participated in Founder's Month May 2017:

For fun - Credit & Copyright: Ellen Roper (GCC)


Kaor, greetings, from Barsoom. I am Sola, a Green Martian.

- This is my name, Sola, in glyphs.

My people originated in the southern highlands of Barsoom. We were a nomadic people who dominated much of Barsoom. According to family tradition, my clan lived in the hills south of the Bay of Toonol between the Lost Sea of Korus to the west and the Sea of Torquaas to the east. As the oceans receeded and the deserts grew harsher, my people followed the dwindling shore lines and raided the failing cities that hugged the coasts. Now there are only a few small kingdoms, such as Helium and its associated cities, like Hastor, Kaol, Okar, Ptarth, and Zodanga.

The River Iss by the Lost Sea of Korus

Most people worshipped the sun god, Tur, in the beginning. But as the climate deteriorated, Orovars by the Gulf of Torquaas turned to worshipping Komal, the ancient spirit of the highlands and deserts, who took the form of a banth (hairless, 10-legged lion-like creature). Orovars and First Born near the Sea of Korus turned to worshipping Iss. The worship of Iss came to dominate.

Plant life has been reduced to scarlet grasses and hardwoods such as skeel, sorapus, and mantalia. There are also pimalias, which was a lovely flowering plant. Sompus trees produce fruit.

Surviving animals include:

Apts - 6-limbed white-furred creatures from the far north
Banths - hairless, 10-legged lion-like creatures
Calots - 10-legged dog-like creatures the size of shetland ponies Darseens - chameleon-like
Silians - slimy reptiles from the Sea of Korus
Siths - insect-like creatures the size of bulls
Soraks - cat-sized creatures that are the pets of Red Martian women
Thoats - hairless, horse-like creatures with 8 legs. Thoats are 10 feet high at the shoulder and are dark slate in color. They have white bellies.

Barsoom in the Time of the Oceans

Thuria (Phobos) and Cluros (Deimos) as they really are. "Night sky of Mars showing Deimos (left) and Phobos (right) in front of Sagittarius, as seen by Mars Exploration Rover Spirit on August 26, 2005".

Thuria has poetically been described as, "a great and glorious orb, swinging swift across the vaulted dome of the blue-black night, so low that she seemed to graze the hills" (The Chessmen of Mars). Cluros has been described as "stately, majestic, almost stationary, shedding his steady light upon the world below" (The Chessmen of Mars).

Aaanthor was an ancient city


Western Throxus (shallow) = Arcadia Planitia, main bay is Amazonia Planitia

Central (or Northern) Throxus = Utopia Planitia

Bay of Toonol/Toonolian Marches, off of the Central Throxus = Valles Marineris


River Iss and the Sea of Korus = Argyre Planitia and valleys leading to it (formed in the Noachian Age over 3.5 to 3.8 billion years ago)


Eastern Throxus = Acidalia Planitia

Bay of Invak, the main bay of the Eastern Throxus - Isidis Planitia (formed in the Noachian Age over 3.5 to 3.8 billion years ago)


Sea of Torquaas, later Gulf of Torquaas = Hellas Planitia (formed in the Noachian Age over 3.5 to 3.8 billion years ago)


The images are from, Yahoo Movies,,, and elsewhere.

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Zone : Science Fiction
Star Wars: The Saga
Babylon 6: A New Era

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Stargazer's Menhir
Infinite Worlds: The Realms of Speculative Fiction

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