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Cara is an immortal witch whose favorite pastime is hunting vampires.
She was born in Gaul in 300 BC. She was the daughter of a known powerful witch and gained her same powers and more. Her mother was killed by vampires when Cara was sixteen, causing the young woman to want vengeance on all vampires. When she was 24 years old, she discovered something which could allow her what she wanted most; the destruction of vampires. She discovered how to use their blood to make herself immortal, without the extra effects of being a vampire. Her turn sparked a series of events that made her the most feared among the vampires. Anywhere she goes is for a reason. Her dream is long off however and so she must kill vampires one at a time.
She is a good actress, often using temptation as her bait.
Her symbol and mark is always placed after a killing or in warning. This symbol is a black eagle and if it is ever to be seen, then you have only one choice: Run.

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Zone : Horror
City of the Undead - Out of Print

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