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Mara is a vampire gone rogue who vowed to destroy the vampires who have betrayed her. She doesn't care that it means she has to team up with two witches.
Mara was born in Greece in 24 AD. She was turned in her early twenties and has been her sire's only lover. She truly did love him and he truly loved her in return which made their relationship so strong. Her bliss was taken away when a few of her lover's enemies, including some he thought to be his friends, decided to trap him in a tomb for the rest of eternity.
This sparked a deep seated anger in her and she vowed to destroy everyone who has had any kind of part in this. She realized her dreams were beginning to come true when she met Cara, a witch with a promising proposition. Mara, now considered a rogue vampire due to her vampire murders, gladly accepted Cara's invitation.
Soon after, they met another witch with her own personal vendetta and they quickly accepted her into their plans.
Mara's symbol and mark is a purple rose. If you are to come across it, do yourself a favor and run.

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Zone : Horror
City of the Undead - Out of Print

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