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In the Twilight - Eternity Novel:

❝The Name Is Rosalie Hale .. Remember It❞
❝i lived in a different world than you do, bella. my human world was a much simpler place ...
it was 1933. i was 18, and i was beautiful. my life was perfect.❞
Name At Birth;;áRosalie Lillian Hale

Name After Marriage;;
áRosalie Lilian Cullen
NickNames;;Rose (By Family), Kitty, (By Carlisle), Babe (By Emmett), Blondie (By Jacob)á
Born On ;;
áOctober 24th
Lives In;;
áForks, Washington .. though currently living in New Hampshire
Virgin;;You're Nosy
none currently
Likes; ;Blood, chocolate, l and spending time with my family
Dislikes;;áthose who threaten my family

R.Status;; Married
Looking;; nope and wont ever again
Crushing;; Nope. its love
im a vampire.. we cant do that
again.. im a vamp.. we dont do that crazy crap
Taken By;áMy Monkey Man
Happily Taken On;; Early 1935
Happily Engaged On;; Mid 1935
Happily Married On;; October 31st 1935

& , Iove You Emmy.

Rosalie Hale and Twilight are the creations of Stephenie Meyer, all rights reserved. This page is for entertainment purposes only. Photobucket

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Emmett Cullen
Dr Carlisle Cullen
Jasper Hale
Alice Cullen
Leah S Clearwater
Jasper Whitlock Hale
Edward M Cullen
Alucard McCray
Sarah Kerrigan

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